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Link Time


Okay, so the new story is up, the old is retitled, here follow links…




Mademoiselle Butterfly


Love is the adversity...




Dear Reader…


On the date of December 27, 2006 a story was born, and I attempted to write it.

Then being of short patience and overly-eager imagination and hunger for new and more, I abandoned it.

I’m mean.

But I came back to it, earlier this year – or should I say I was drawn back to it, because this story is one very close to my heart (why I do not know). So, as I was trying to press another chapter out of the olive that is my brain, I discovered the first, paltry, pitiful, and very first version of Mademoiselle Butterfly.

I was horrified by how much I’ve deviated from the story!

How does that happen?

Time, and impatience is all I can think of to answer that question. But I don’t want MB to get buried by dust and my own faults as a writer…Therefore, I have decided to post the first version on FP, under the true title (I will not remove the current MB but retitle it Redbriar) and allow anyone who wants to laugh at me to do so. Yep, I’m going to swallow my pride and write the story in its own flesh.

Hopefully, with the help of all you wonderful readers, I can swallow my pride and write the story as it first came to me.

Sorry for the dramatism. Yet thanks for your patience. Don’t worry, this way neither version shall be abandoned and, actually, I work better if I have more than one story going.  And so…I’m going to go and post the story and this note on FP.


ps. Sorry for the lack of blog, I was major work-aholic, and then I was major sick: sinus, fever, near loss of speech, wretching…yeah, it was fun. But, there’s always something…

Chapter 2…Well, 1 Technically


So I just posted chapter 2 – or 1 – of  Mademoiselle Butterfly! Needless to say I am very happy. Perhaps not totally pleased with the writing but hey, I have a direction and editting will come later.

So, let me talk about something else real quick…I just finished W. Somerset Maugham’s The Painted Veil, having the loved the movie I had to read the book. I love them both individually. Such a beautiful, and beautifully written work. It made me laugh and cry, and really think. Which is what books are supposed to do. So, yeah, definitely go and read that one if you’re looking for something that has real, flawed, and complex characters – and you’re not too concerned about happy endings.

One of my favorite quotes is “Happy endings are just stories that haven’t finished yet.” And oddly enough, that comes from a really ‘interesting’ movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Yeah, lol. I find inspiration in the oddest places. Anyway, The Painted Veil really explores the different kinds of love and how a person can change, slowly and painfully, but still change, and how life is beautiful, even in all its ugliness. Really good book.

There is no work today, mixed feelings about that, I have high demands for my paycheck, but I’ve scheduled a college tour and am working on apps. Makes me want to bite my nails just thinking about it. So, to preserve my two week ago manicure – paycheck has demands, remember that – let me just keep typing…LOL.

I will be posting some character pics her for Mademoiselle Butterfly as soon as I can find some really good pics. I will tell you that Katherine’s father is played by Geoffrey Palmer – in my head, in yours you may cast as you wish – and that Eric’s mother is Judi Dench, always has been the Great Dame. I can actually hear her talking to Eric – it freaks me out sometimes. How bout ya’ll?

Now, I won’t say anything about irritating people who claim to do ‘all’ the work – though that is physically impossible, and I will not talk about boys wanting to become men and boys starting discussions on friend’s FB pages and then going “Hey, I don’t think this is fair to ash and we really shouldn’t turn her page into a debate…” Whatever Mr. Lush. I’ll just ignore them and use them to inspire characters and protaganists…See, I didn’t say anything ;) (Think Chaucer in A Knight’s Tale: “I will viscerate you in fiction. Every pimple, every character flaw, will be remembered for eternity.” Something like that anyway)

Wow, I just wrote a nice long, very jumpy, scatterbrained blog post. Welcome to the mind of me! LOL.

My apologies sane ones. Much love to you darlings!

– Aranel


PS. “Fefe always said, ‘never lose your childish innocence, it’s the most important thing’.” -Under the Tuscan Sun

Quick Update!



Today is a busy day, I am currently posting this while simultaneously paying off car insurance, washing hard wood floors, and checking my e-mails. Yes, Superwoman’s daughter has been discovered. NOT. Actually, I’m about to lose my mind.

So why am I posting this now?

Just to say that I have finally figured out how to do chapter two of Mademoiselle Butterfly, Yay! It’s not written yet – writing comes on me time, and I haven’t any now – but it is sitting in my head, waiting, patiently I pray. LOL. Anywho…I find the news promising, and wanted to share that it will be posted soon, hopefully (thanks for caring June :) )

Alright. Now, I will go finish my floor, eat some lunch, and get dressed for work. Hope anyone reading this has/had a great day. Toodles!

– Aranel

PS.  I promise to write a longer entry later. Till then…enjoy ;)

Edward could sOoo play Eric! And Naomi could play *spoiler sensor beeping*

Edward could sOoo play Eric! And Naomi could play *spoiler sensor beeping*