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Forbidden Obsession


Hey guys, this is just a post in which i would like to shamelessly flaunt and pimp a story i’ve had the pleasure of discovering on fictionpress.net!  i was so impressed and so totally enamored with it that i had to make story art for it as well- lmao, i know i’m lame! – however i really loved it so there is my justification! With that said, here follows the art and aforementioned review…

by sllyrabbit360

This passionate story about a teacher and student’s obsessive relationship is one of the best I’ve read on fictionpress, and honestly it should be a published book. When Danni, recently graduated from college, is given the opportunity to teach at a prestigious middle school she has no idea what the future holds…or who is waiting for her there. Logan Pearson, captain of the swim team and prince of West Forest high, doesn’t take no for an answer – and that includes his teachers too.

In this story sllyrabbit360 takes the somewhat cliched student/teacher relationship and gives it a new twist and a life all it’s own. Introducing characters and situations true to life; faceted and filled with shadow and light. Exlporing the temptations the heart must face and the consequences of resisting as well as sucumbing. Forbidden Obsession is a real treat, filled with consuming detail and real and fresh dialogue, making it easy to get wrapped up in the lives of the protagonists – who are not forced or stilted, but flowing and alive. Overlooking some minor grammatical and spelling hiccups, I found Forbidden Obsession to be refreshingly original and the author to have a spellbinding voice. (Of which I’m glad to report we will be hearing more of, with particular interest in FO’s sequel entitled Eternal Desires. Big Grin!) This girl has oodles of talent.

Subtly layered, and working on a plot that you only realize how grand it is till at the end – I highly recommend this story for anyone who wants to read a smart, witty, sarcastic, and passionate story that deals with moral and social issues of our world today, and how lust and love really work. Five stars! 


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Dear Reader…


On the date of December 27, 2006 a story was born, and I attempted to write it.

Then being of short patience and overly-eager imagination and hunger for new and more, I abandoned it.

I’m mean.

But I came back to it, earlier this year – or should I say I was drawn back to it, because this story is one very close to my heart (why I do not know). So, as I was trying to press another chapter out of the olive that is my brain, I discovered the first, paltry, pitiful, and very first version of Mademoiselle Butterfly.

I was horrified by how much I’ve deviated from the story!

How does that happen?

Time, and impatience is all I can think of to answer that question. But I don’t want MB to get buried by dust and my own faults as a writer…Therefore, I have decided to post the first version on FP, under the true title (I will not remove the current MB but retitle it Redbriar) and allow anyone who wants to laugh at me to do so. Yep, I’m going to swallow my pride and write the story in its own flesh.

Hopefully, with the help of all you wonderful readers, I can swallow my pride and write the story as it first came to me.

Sorry for the dramatism. Yet thanks for your patience. Don’t worry, this way neither version shall be abandoned and, actually, I work better if I have more than one story going.  And so…I’m going to go and post the story and this note on FP.


ps. Sorry for the lack of blog, I was major work-aholic, and then I was major sick: sinus, fever, near loss of speech, wretching…yeah, it was fun. But, there’s always something…