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Ok, I’m back to blogging, having gotten over the hacker scare – yeah, that’s why you haven’t been hearing from me. The internet is dangerous, kiddies, lions, tigers, and bears…oh, my! and oh well…Fixed the prob. Danger has passed. There is no dragon – or lion or tiger or…you get the idea, heheh

Anyway, I am watching Mansfield Park! Yay! The one with Johnny Lee Miller, James Purefoy, and Alessandro Nivola – yeah, that GOOD one! lol. Today was a good day – a normal day, filled with the emotional fluxations, fear, happiness, and arguments that any twenty year old should enjoy. Thank God. So, hopefully, I will find some inspiration for REDBRIAR…or maybe something new. I feel the need for new. Bear with me please.

Hope you are all doing well. June! I’m so excited for you! Steph, I need to read your stuff! I’ve been sacrificing good lit for lesser pursuits, aka. money. Bleh. ‘Nough said.

As a final note: Regret is the enemy of Dreams…Dream on beautiful…



Dear Reader…


On the date of December 27, 2006 a story was born, and I attempted to write it.

Then being of short patience and overly-eager imagination and hunger for new and more, I abandoned it.

I’m mean.

But I came back to it, earlier this year – or should I say I was drawn back to it, because this story is one very close to my heart (why I do not know). So, as I was trying to press another chapter out of the olive that is my brain, I discovered the first, paltry, pitiful, and very first version of Mademoiselle Butterfly.

I was horrified by how much I’ve deviated from the story!

How does that happen?

Time, and impatience is all I can think of to answer that question. But I don’t want MB to get buried by dust and my own faults as a writer…Therefore, I have decided to post the first version on FP, under the true title (I will not remove the current MB but retitle it Redbriar) and allow anyone who wants to laugh at me to do so. Yep, I’m going to swallow my pride and write the story in its own flesh.

Hopefully, with the help of all you wonderful readers, I can swallow my pride and write the story as it first came to me.

Sorry for the dramatism. Yet thanks for your patience. Don’t worry, this way neither version shall be abandoned and, actually, I work better if I have more than one story going.  And so…I’m going to go and post the story and this note on FP.


ps. Sorry for the lack of blog, I was major work-aholic, and then I was major sick: sinus, fever, near loss of speech, wretching…yeah, it was fun. But, there’s always something…