The Wanderer



In my eyes you can see my soul.
But do you know my truth?
My soul has shadows of the snake,
The sands of my mind are etched
with writhing steps,
My breath hides them.
The light of faith and hope unite
with my darkness,
Like the stars and the night.
They fight with each other,
waiting for the dawn,
Waiting for the star of life,
For the truth.

With my words you hear my heart.
But do you understand?
Foreign is my heart,
Longing for another world, its home.
It is holy and pagan,
Rife with danger,
Ripe with light.
It is the fruit waiting to be picked,
On the verge of spoiling,
in the balance.

– – –

Written last night around 10:00 pm. Copyrighted to me :)


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