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The Wanderer



In my eyes you can see my soul.
But do you know my truth?
My soul has shadows of the snake,
The sands of my mind are etched
with writhing steps,
My breath hides them.
The light of faith and hope unite
with my darkness,
Like the stars and the night.
They fight with each other,
waiting for the dawn,
Waiting for the star of life,
For the truth.

With my words you hear my heart.
But do you understand?
Foreign is my heart,
Longing for another world, its home.
It is holy and pagan,
Rife with danger,
Ripe with light.
It is the fruit waiting to be picked,
On the verge of spoiling,
in the balance.

– – –

Written last night around 10:00 pm. Copyrighted to me :)




Listen to Josh Groban’s Remember while viewing…

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Edit 8/15/09 : I just looked at the pic and found a problem – depth perception is off because of how much light there is…she is supposed to be in the water, in the surf actually. I probably will work on this to fix it…unless ya’ll think I shouldn’t?

Life Must


be viewed through rose colored glasses…Seriously.

The past two days have shown me, or rather, reaffirmed, that life must be seen with the eyes of faith and hope – otherwise there is no point to standing up to and for life. There will always be difficulties, always struggles. There will always be another battle to fight. Wounds heal, and dreams live forever.

In my last post I just kind of spewed a stream of negativity, and for that I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. But I am human, and as such, there are times when the world just brings me down. But we are in the world and not of it, we have hearts, minds, and souls, that can soar above any obstacle, and there is always hope – always. Hope is like energy, we can’t see it, we don’t always feel it, but it is there, and it is waiting for us to grab onto it. 

This is what I should be saying and thinking about. Needless to say, though everything is not perfect, I am purposing to look on life with a positive eye, and a truthful one at that. College, work…they are important, but they are not the backbone of life. God, family, and love is the backbone, they’re what should keep us, me, standing, and they are the reasons for living. I just wanted to share this and get that negative post nulled :) I’m planning on applying for a loan and starting at a Community College next week. Two semesters there and I’ll transfer to state – Hopefully!

Keeping my chin up!


ps. Never lie to yourself.

The World…



I’m feeling very disappointed – in myself, in my dreams, in those I love, in life as it generally is perceived. I’m disappointed and rather desolate. The big D’s…Hope seems humorous, and I’m tired of smiling. Faking it has not helped me make it, and all it has done is lend me a big hand of nothing – Nada.

Sorry for the depressing update, but hell, this is me…

Assassin’s Appasionato


This is a fanfiction story that I simply wanted to share. Based on Bourne Identity, it really is one of my favorite pieces of writing and right now I am considering something (secret something) – while I work on Redbriar – so, if any of my followers will take the time and tell me what you think about it…anything about it… I surely will appreciate it. 

Copyrighted to me. Please don’t distribute without permission.

Assassin’s Appasionato

Grey sunlight, typical of London, poured through a white curtained window into a plush, upper class, parlor, spilling over a dark piano poised in front of it. More

PS. Redbriar…I know where I want to take it, the dark corners at least, however, I’m at the front door and can’t seem to get from the rug to the hall and get into those dark corners…does any one understand that???…anywho, I’m struggling. It’s there and I’m hoping to stumble upon it. The point of me saying this is to let all of you know, especially June, that it is not abandoned – I am working on it! In a vague, irritating kind of way, but, hey, that’s my style…apparently…lol…It’s late. Goodnight and love to you all.

pps. josh groban is my soul food!

– Sarah