In Sleep He Sang to Me…


More banners! I’m a visual person I guess, lol…






And two more for a very special person, June…aka. Miss Bluestocking! I was simply inspired…


from Daniel Deronda


per Mansfield Park

…a big thank you to Long Ago Captures for some of the caps :)))

Work is life, life is great…le sigh…now I have to go wash dishes :D)))

ps. June, I’m working on Redbriar, I’ve just hit a…rough patch…Not sure how I want the next chapter to go, I just can’t *see* it yet. Hopefully i will soon, thanks for caring!

pps. If you use, please credit…thanksies!


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  1. Omy goodness. My heart stopped beating when I saw the two banners you made for me. You are such a dear! I wish I could do something for you too… all I can do is be your personal publicist for Redbriar.

    And if you need help brainstorming in the future if ever your stuck with your story, you can contact me here:

    Have you written an outline for your story yet? This technique helped out several writers. It helped me.

    • Outline? Hmm…nope, haven’t done one, I’m rather afraid of them to tell the truth. Perhaps I should face my phobia? Prob. I’ll try it and see what happens. If I’m not too horrified of it I’ll send it to you and you can tell me what u think…

      YAY! I stopped your heart…lol ;) I appreciate all you have done for me already – really! And a personal publicist sounds pretty awesome to me! Thanks, J!

      • You don’t really have to follow the outline, but with one, at least you kind of know where you’re going with the sotyr? Then again, you’re probably one of those writers who goes where the characters want to go with the story. In this case it would be better to go without an outline!

  2. I knew the moment I saw that top banner on this page you were the one who did Miss Bluestocking’s banners. I can see your personality in your work, it shows through in every photo.

    • Actually, I don’t do Miss B’s banners. Those two included at the end of this post are just some I did with her in mind, and I tried to follow her taste. But thank you…I hope that what shows is a good thing, lol :))

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