Maiden upon a Hill


maiden upon a hill

I saw him, sitting across the room.

It was like lightning had struck me.

Standing there, like a tree, I was quivering at the clouds, at the very threat of the wind. I felt fear crawl through my stomach like a spider, spinning a paralyzing web.

As I scanned the room, looking for a face I knew, I found his – one foreign to me.

I was struck by cool, blue lightning…yet I was not burnt.

How strange it was, to find safety in the place where I had always found danger – in a stranger’s eyes.

Since then he has not left me. Though distance seperates us…though my silence seperates us. I may not be with him, but he has not left me.

Will I ever see him again? I do not know. Will he ever think about me, or care if I think about him? I do not know.

Can lightning strike the same place twice?

I shall stand on this hill. Alone. Like the tree beyond me. I shall stand, bare or with leaf. When sad or happy, and wait.

I will wait for the lightning. I will wait for the burning.


I will waight.


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  1. Beautiful!

    You’re so skilled in graphic designing! Or photoshoping! I’m not too certain what to call this skill. anyway, I’d love to see more of these artworks of yours, so keep posting!

    And by the way, for the previous post:
    omg james purefoy is so hot

    • I KNOW! Wait till you meet Phillip…that’s jame’s character. He is melt-in-your-shoes delicious…well, he’s supposed to be. lol, as long as you picture James PureJoy he is. Vanity Fair ruined me, heehee. Gee, thanks! I actually think I suck at it…but oh well, artists are just so much harder on themselves haha (like I have to tell you that:))

      look forward to talking to you more soon. rest well!

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