ACT Scores


A month ago, I took my ACT…

Today, I got my results…

Happiness is mine!

After much anticipation, worry, and prayer, the results are in, and I am very, very happy. Not only with the score themselves, but what they reflect to my major (English), and how much tuition is going to cost. YAY!!! My dreams suddenly seem possible, and I have an incredible surge of energy and much loved inspiration.

LOL. Ok, now that I have effused sufficiently…A little celebration. A vid about obsession, all writers, (scratch that), all I *girls* are familiar with it, and I, for one of both parties, lmao, love being obsessed with something. Except Twilight, ugh. Neway, I digress…I’m going to embed the vid…enjoy!

Much love to you all :)
– Aranel

PS. Work was great. Hot, because the ac is broken, but still, now I’m home and in hindsight work was great, lol.


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  1. Whew! That video was sizzling good. I loved the scene with Richard Armitage and the actress who plays Marianne! har har har.

    Hey, have you updated your story yet?!

    • Thanks! I love Richard in RB – they need to start playing it again! No, not yet, but i’ve got the idea, just looking for the time, lol. Why is it so evasive? How’s editing coming?

      • I’m glad you’ve got the idea! Right now I’m revising chapter 19. I rewrote it three times only to decide that I liked the first draft after all. A ridiculous waste of time, I know. Anyway, I really do hope you’ll post another chapter someday soon!

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