The Mundane…Not So


The clock’s gentle ticking…

Another day is passing

Common comings and goings…

Another day is lacking

Alas…but wait! There’s more…

What has come through the glass door…

“It is only wind. It is only a tree groaning to bend”

“No.” I say, “I heard a name.”

The day is still the same… 

“No.” I believe, ” I saw a dance.”

The clock continues ticking…

But dreams lend it romance.

Written while thinking about how the simplest things can inspire and, as Calgon says, ‘Take Me Away’! LOL ;) G’night to all! Chapter two is well under way!!!!


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  1. I think your poem conveys the exact feeling so many of us writers feel! ….An author can never find a period of nothingness mundane, what with all that’s going on in their mind.

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