Hello world!


Here is my blog!

I look forward to sharing ideas, thoughts, dreams, and knowledge here with you all. I’ll try to be a regular poster and not random – note: I’ll try :) I’m off work today but I still have to pick up my house. What a drag. Other than that the sun is out and it’s a good day. I’ll be thinking about my story while I clean and hopefully I’ll have a new chapter up by the end of the day…There’s a linkk (or soon will be) on this page…somewhere? Hmmm…

Anyhow…I also have an authonomy profile, fanfiction, and LJ. When did the internet become so complicated? LOL. So check up with those sites too if you want to read what I’m reading or read what I’m writing, or write what I’m reading. Ok, ok, ok…I’ll calm down.

Till later, have a good one!

PS. This deserves more than post-script but alas, I transgress anyway…If you are reading this blog, I would like to urge you, strongly, to read J.E. Wyatt’s The Runaway Courtesan. A delectable, rich, treat of regency period romance that is well worth your looking into. You can find the authoress and her work here : J.E. Wyatt on Authonomy I promise you won’t regret it and…if you do by some strange, weird, and improbable chance DO regret it…well…you can stick your tongue out at me. It won’t matter. I won’t be able to see you anyway ;) Lol. Enough of my smarting off – till we meet again…


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  1. OMG! I found your blog…I was clicking here and there on my stats page and it somehow led me here.

    I’m going to be a faithful follower of your blog. Or do you use LJ more often? I’ll add whichever one to my blogroll. For now I just used this blog link.

    I hope you’ll post many entries on this site!


    • LOL. Thanks. I’ll be on here more often – it’s easier to navigate. So will I…Follow yours faithfully that is :) And thank you for encouraging others to read my work! How humbling!

      Warm regards to yourself,

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